About Me

I’m a Belizean American badass woman. 

I am also a registered nurse and divorced single girl mom.

But long before society slapped those labels on me, I dreamed in words. I always knew one day I’d write a book.

Life happened.

I gave up the idea of writing the day I decided I was going to be a nurse. I was under the notion it was one or the other. However, the universe has a way of guiding you back to self.

She’s exceptionally clever and I personally think has a great sense of humor with a touch of ‘I told you so’ in her.

The catalyst was the birth of my daughter, Layla. She is the meteor that struck me and transformed me. She has been my inspiration to tap back into writing and also to read all the parenting books; my muse if you will.

Nothing has made me want to be more my authentic self than wanting to show her to be her own authentic self.

My daughter, coupled with my divorce, sent me straight back into the literary world. Ironic huh? I hunted for books that would tell me how to heal my broken soul. I was desperate to find people on a similar journey. A tribe I could belong too; anything so I wouldn’t feel so alone. 

Also, therapy.

Once you have walked through the valley, you owe it not only to the people still in the valley, but to yourself, to help them on their journey.

As Ram Dass says, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Quite fitting really, as my way forward has required me to retrace my steps into the past to find the little girl, I abandoned many moons ago. 

This gave birth to me actively working on publishing a children’s book with my book coach @bookgameplan and my very own blog, Memoirs of a Healing Woman. 

I hope my candid, honest, funny and vulnerable words find you and welcome you in. 

Signed: My Authentic Self

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