Meet Anna

Meet Anna Anderson, a 22-year-old Belizean American who has transformed the words of my children’s book into a water-colored space dream.

She is officially a children’s book illustrator and for her day job, a Water and Wastewater Systems Integrator Intern in New Braunfels, Texas. 

Anna graduated from Kun Shan University in Taiwan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Double Major in Environmental Engineering. 

Before that, she lived in Belize. The place we both call home. 

This is also the place where she continued to cultivate her love of drawing. There was no formal instruction to her journey into the world of illustration.  Unless the masterpieces she drew on the dining table and refrigerator as a child count. 

Anna described drawing as her ‘me time’. 

Being the eldest triplet, and the only girl, this was an activity that was ‘hers’. 

I asked Anna if people would be able to tell she was in love, heartbroken, happy or sad by her art?

She said, “No, and if it did show up it would be subtle. It’s a tool to process my emotions rather than express them.”

There’s something admirable about someone who is steady in her craft no matter the outside influence. 

Fast forward to May of this year. 

I met Anna via Instagram after one of her pieces was gifted to me by a dear friend as a birthday present.

It was the picture I never thought I’d have. An illustrated photograph of myself, my late mom and Layla. 

I was in awe. 

I wish I had more to explain to our connection outside of ‘I had a vibe’. 

Without hesitation, I told her my dream of writing a children’s book, I sent her the first draft and a question, How would you feel illustrating a children’s book for me?

Her response, I’ve never illustrated a children’s book before but yes let’s do it. 

I had never written a children’s book; my only training was being a mom. 

I was sold in the novelty of it.  

We totally got this. 

This is how our journey began.

The last few months Anna has worked with me to create the illustrations of my book and to create the logo for my blog, Memoirs of a Healing Woman. 

Anna, is a beautiful soul and very much accomplished. Light truly radiates off of her.

In ending our fun interview, I asked her what message would you really like to give aspirating creators?

“I had the impression that every person needed to find their “thing” and stay in that box. However, I’ve always struggled putting myself in a box. For a long time, I sat at a crossroads between my studies and my artwork. I want to share that it’s ok to pursue more than one interest. You don’t need to restrict yourself to only one passion. Keep learning and growing, don’t settle.”

Her answer is nothing short of magic because you can have, THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Launching 🚀 on Amazon 10•26•2021

Follow Anna on Instagram @arttainments

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