A Year in Review

It is officially 18 days into 2022, a Cancer Full Moon and Mercury is in Retrograde.

You doing okay?


I hope you found the time to sit with 2021. What were your highlights? What were the lows? What would you change? What would stay the same? Then I hoped you made peace with 2021 to make space for the adventures of 2022.

As for me, I ended and started the year surrounded by the people I love the most in the country I call home. 

Last year felt like the year I finally checked the boxes of my ‘To Do List’. I felt like I got a quick glimpse into my purpose and got to work on projects that made me feel alive.

This blog, Memoirs of a Healing Woman, being one of them. I had over 3000 views from over 20 countries. I got to interact with people on similar paths and soak in the feeling of belonging. 

In the whirlwind of these new experiences I met demons I thought I had put to rest.

Particularly the ones of abandonment and rejection.

That wound was once explained to me like this, imagine going on a walk in a forest with someone YOU loved and trusted. Then that person picks you up, places you on a rock and walks away. You scream for them to come back but they never do. You are alone. Scared. Instead of climbing down and walking back home (to yourself) you sit on the rock waiting for someone to come save you.

So when the blow came, I found myself stuck on the rock. Even after I thought I knew how to climb down…

It was hard to feel accomplished and in love with what I was doing when a few people decided to take deep digs at my character and my work.

As a mother, if my daughter came home and told me someone did not like her or her work, I’d ask her how she felt before the judgment. Did her work make her happy? Did the person criticizing her hold any value in her life? And why do we give a damn what they say?

We would have resolved the feelings and I would have allowed her the space to feel sad but to also embrace her uniqueness instead of shying away from it.

I about threw in the towel a couple times but I’ve been blessed to have the best support system. And as Layla’s Momo says, ‘I may give in but I’ll never give up.’

I have not come this far to turn around now.

It ended up being a great teacher for me but I also had to fall back and let the lesson unfold.

Intuitively, 2022 already feels like a year of déjà vu, repeating cycles and patterns but now with the opportunity to start a different timeline; in my best possible timeline.

My Second Chance Year.

Of course, I still want to get money, be a good mommy and a baddie but all those things while I pursue things that set my soul on fire.

I want to make deeper connections with people I love.

I want to finally dive into learning astrology.

I want to understand me. I’m ready to open Pandora’s Box.

I look forward to this year in review and what that means for the contents of this blog.

For everyone who has supported, subscribed and shared my blog, thank you!!

Stay tuned, something tells me next month’s post which has been a long time in research, will be particularly spicy.

Happy Twenty Twenty-two! I hope every day this year starts in YOUR best possible timeline!!!

Signed: Julia

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