Grateful Mommy

On most days before her eyes get heavy with sleep and her opinions on why things are done in a particular way have stopped, I ask Layla what are we grateful for today?

She always has a great response- it’s her friend that had the same water bottle as her or for cows because they make milk and she loves milk.

Simple. Sweet. Important.

Last night she was fast asleep before I could tuck her in so I did the weird mom thing and watched her sleep for a minute. I had such a good weekend in a mindset I never knew was possible in a family that helps me feel whole. We both have come a long way since Day 1.

In the process of teaching her I have become the student. I’ve come to learn myself in ways only being her mom could have taught me. She’s given me the answers to questions I would of asked my mom if I could. Then help me understand the challenges my step mom must have faced with me. I love & appreciate my step mom that much more because of it. Her presence does not dim my Mom’s, it actually added more light. That’s the same relationship I hope Layla gets to have with her step mom. The love I have for her has made me move mountains, break glass ceilings and write children’s books 🙂

If I had a wish, it would be that I could have her again (maybe with an epidural this time) and be her mom from this new space. Learn quicker. Love more. Set boundaries. Be present. Cry. Laugh. Forgive. Give her the best version of me but truth is I wouldn’t know this place if it hadn’t been for her.

Layla Maria you are my forever grateful 💕

1 thought on “Grateful Mommy”

  1. You’re such a good writer! I enjoy your writings and getting to know you more through your sharings 💝


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